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PharmaForce (Pty) Ltd is a South African pharmaceutical company offering a wide range of products to our customers across many geographies.

PharmaForce’s purpose is:

Through focus and determined execution of well-developed plans and quality products, we will deliver and remain a respected provider of wellness all over the world

The Company was formed in 1966, initially focusing on natural and homeopathic products, and has since grown as a provider of a wide range of innovative, quality, value for money healthcare and related products that IMPACT LIFE. These products are aimed to serve consumers of all walks of life.

PharmaForce is rapidly expanding their range of products that now span across various disease categories such as Digestive health, Pain, Cough, Vitamins, etc.

PharmaForce (Pty) Ltd has a team of around 20 multicultural people who are committed to deliver value to its customers.


  • I – Integrity
  • M – Mutual Respect
  • P – Patriotism (Loyalty)
  • A – Authenticity
  • C – Commitment
  • T – Trust (Teamwork)

  • F – Foresight: Stay ahead of the latest trends impacting our industry
  • O – On Time: Live the commitment to deliver on time and in full
  • R – Responsive: Ensure flexibility and timeous actions are taken to adapt to ever changing needs
  • C - Customer Focused: Ensure that the customer always comes first
  • E - Enthusiasm: We bring an intense & eager passion and excellence to our work everyday
PharmaForce Culture:

We will strive to develop a culture where:

  • We do what we say we will do
  • We are open and honest
  • We are friendly, approachable and informal
  • We treat our staff, suppliers, customers and consumers with respect
  • We strive to create a supportive and caring environment where we share life together
  • We nurture a fundamental belief in the efficacy of our products
  • We strive to communicate effectively to our staff, customers and consumers
  • We are confident about the future and invest accordingly
  • We are creative
  • We strive for excellence

PharmaForce (Pty) Ltd is the proud importer and manufacturer of top-class health products - and promoters of the Living Naturally lifestyle.

Significance of the PharmaForce Logo
The PharmaForce logo is designed based on the Seven Pillars of Life — P(rogram), I(mprovisation), C(ompartmentalization), E(nergy), R(egeneration), A(daptability), S(eclusion), PICERAS, for short—are the fundamental principles on which a living system is based.
A common theme amongst most of the seven pillars of life is a means of dealing with complexity. The program is essential in the orchestration of complex events. Improvisation refers to the living system's ability to change its program in response to the larger environment in which it exists. Compartmentalization is needed to maintain a highly complex system through the integration of modular subsystems. Energy is required as it has the ability to generate change. Regeneration is essential because complex systems are prone to breaking down. Adaptability itself is the expression of a complex, homeostatic reality. And seclusion is needed to prevent all the complex myriad of activities from cross-talking in a chaotic manner.

Introducing PharmC, the hospital division of Pharmaforce. We’ve got you covered.

PharmC is committed to providing Healthcare Professionals and patients with product ranges that are affordable without compromising the quality, safety, and efficacy of the products. We focus on providing customer service of the highest standard making every effort to ensure that our customer’s needs are met. We understand the critical importance of continuous product supply and therefore place extreme emphasis on the prioritisation of supply chain management within our organisation. Through a combination of our ethical standards, ensuring supply of safe and effective medicine of the highest quality and our focus on customer service, we achieve our ultimate goal of ensuring that the patients’ needs are met in all we do.

Medical information queries and Pharmacovigilance (ADR reporting) are closely monitored inter alia by a specialised committee consisting of a Specialist Anaesthesiologist, suitably qualified pharmacist, and medical information officer. PharmC is fully compliant with SAHPRA requirements.

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